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The quality of educaon is directly related to the quality of teacher educaon & training. The learning process has shied from teacher oriented to student oriented. The curriculum, the methods of teaching & evaluaon techniques all are designed according to the needs and experience of students.

One of the main factors of decline in quality of educaon in our country is the tradional system of teaching. Keeping in view all these aspects of Educaon, The University of Loralai took a bold step and started Educaon Department in 2014. The mission of the University of Loralai, Educaon Department is; to prepare crically reflecve educators who are instruconal leaders, to create and share knowledge that leads to improved pracce and policy, and to connect with the field to support and nourish social jusce, learning, and accountability.

The Department of Educaon offers programs at the master's level. Individuals, who complete the B.Ed., may qualify for endorsement in this program.


  • Producing skilled and well trained teachers
  • To develop a broader sense among the teachers/students to prepare themselves for leadership roles to bring about posive social change in the modern educaonal system
  • Develop innovave & effecve educaonal models of school improvement, educaonal leadership and management, curriculum design & assessment and test them in Pakistani educaonal contexts and classroom sengs to know their maximum benefits
  • To enable the candidates to respect and value cultural diversity
  • To promote social harmony and peace building in learning communies
  • To develop strategies to replace the convenonal system of educaon based on rote learning that leads to creavity and originality of ideas and thought
  • To develop a culture of research and invesgaon in an educaonal syste
  • To enhance teachers and teacher educators professional atude, status and self esteem through creang a sense of professionalism, knowledge, competencies, skills, crical thinking, scienfic behavior and decision making power
Learning is at the heart of all we do in the University of Loralai, but our mission is about more than just providing an education. The University of Loralai strives to be an equitable, effective, and interactive learning community that makes a difference to education and human development through excellent teaching, scholarship and service. We seek answers to questions about how people learn and what they should know and be able to do as students, teachers, counselors and administrators. It is the matter of great satisfaction that with the consistent efforts, the University of Loralai has introduced M.Ed/B.Ed programs. The alternative paradigm of teacher education program consider structural changes in the system of teacher education, while rendering the teacher's roles within the framework of school education system.
Dr.Maroof Bin Raouf

Programs Offered

M.A Education:

Duration: 2 Year (4 Semesters)
Eligibility: ADE/ or its equivalent With minimum 45% aggregate marks


Duration: 1 Year (2 Semesters)
Eligibility: B.Ed/ or its equivalent With minimum 45% aggregate marks


Duration: 2 Year (4 Semesters)
Eligibility: ADE/ or its equivalent With minimum 45% aggregate marks


Duration: 2.5 Year (5 Semesters)
Eligibility: ADE/B.A/B.Sc/Masters or its equivalent With minimum 45% aggregate marks


Duration: 4 Year (8 Semesters)
Eligibility: ADE/F.A/FSc/O-Level or its equivalent With minimum 45% aggregate marks

Fee Structure

Sr# Program Tuition Fee admission Fee Library Fee Student Card Fee Security Sports Total
1 M.Ed 25000 ___ 300 200 ___ 500 26000
2 B.Ed 1.5years 5000 3000 300 200 2000 500 11000
3 B.Ed 2.5years 5000 3000 300 200 2000 500 11000
4 B.Ed 4years 5000 3000 300 200 2000 500 11000
5 M.A.Ed 2years 6000 3000 300 200 2000 500 12000

Note: The above Fee structure is only for 1st semster. The rest of semesters has only tuition fee.

Faculty Profile


Dr.Maroof Bin Rauf



Dr.Muhabat Khan

Assistant Professor

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