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With the increase in the demand of human resource intellectuals and professionals, Baluchistan was in dire need of a new institution for bringing educated men power. Thus, the establishment of University of Loralai was proposed for the purpose of serving the impoverished province of Baluchistan in social and economic domains of life.
The result of the study conducted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) supported the requirement of a University for Zoab Division at district Loralai named “University of Loralai”. For this purpose 500 acres of land at (Zarr Karerz) has been provided by Provincial Government, allocated 12 Km away form the Loralai City at Quetta Road. Notwithstanding, the tentative proposal of the University of Loralai was approved in the ECNEC meeting held on May, 2011, allocation of Rs. 1518.751 million allocated by the HEC as per PC-1 for University of Loralai.


Package one consists of following development components. The period for completetion of the pakage one iss 2 years. We use the top quality of metrial in construction. It has spacially designed for observing the earth quake upto 7 scale. This construction is for the future of University of Loralai.

S. No. Description Area Photo Story
1 Academic Block 1 43065.40 Sft View Photo Story
2 Academic Block 2 43065.40 Sft View Photo Story
3 Admin Block 19213.00 Sft View Photo Story
4 Boundery Wall 25280.00 Sft View Photo Story
5 Examination Block 9622.20 Sft View Photo Story
6 Main Gate Construction 850.00 Sft View Photo Story
7 Securty Huts Construction 1376.00 Sft View Photo Story


Package two includes the following ten development items for the construction.
S. No. Description Quantity/Area Photo Story
1 Roads 4.56 km View Photo Story
2 Water Supply Network - -
3 Underground water tank 25 Nos View Photo Story
4 External Electrification - -
5 Tube Well 2 Nos -
6 Sewerage System - -
7 Storm Water Dranage sys - -
8 Culverts - -
9 Overhead Water Tank 1 No View Photo Story
10 Construction of lack 1 No View Photo Story


Package three includes of following items for the development of University of Loralai. Package three consists of two parts. Part A includes of following 7 modules.
S. No. Description Area Photo Story
1 Boys Hostel 57142 Sft View Photo Story
2 Girls Hostel 28571 Sft View Photo Story
3 Information Center 4209 Sft View Photo Story
4 First Aid Center 1422 Sft View Photo Story
5 Electric Room 433 Sft View Photo Story
6 Gate No-2 374 Sft View Photo Story
7 Bus Stop 936 Sft View Photo Story

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